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The dreams of poor children took a long flight under the Delhi Metro bridge| दिल्ली मेट्रो पुल के नीचे गरीब बच्चों के सपनों ने भरी लम्बी उड़ान

 Above is the living example of the progress of the country, Delhi Metro and just below it some children cherishing their dreams in the world.  Classes are held under Delhi's Yamuna Bank metro station.  The children studying here have shelters in the surrounding slums and the people who teach them are those for whom this school is just an education, not a deal.  Rajesh Kumar Sharma, who came from a small village in Aligarh district, is running "School Under The Bridge School" since 2006 with his colleague Laxmichandra.  Gradually, the number of children in this school has now reached 150 and this school embraces every child who wants to study.  But the compulsions do not allow him to proceed in this direction.   The children who are in front of Rajesh today, were once a part of this queue as well.  The financial condition of the house did not allow him to study.  But today Rajesh is determined that whatever happened in his life, he will not allow this to happen to these c

Was blind since childhood, but still made a unique example of self-confidence | बचपन से थी नेत्रहीन, लेकिन फिर भी बनी आत्मबल की अनोखी मिसाल

 “No problem in the world is bigger than our dreams. We must remove all the limits around our dreams. " The problem is not what we can achieve; the problem lies in our thinking. We will find it difficult to reach our goal if kept within a limited range. Even a stone has to bear many injuries to turn into an idol. This is the view of Dr. Kanchan Gaba of Kolkata, whose sudden eyesight due to a serious illness in his teens The light of her was gone. But even in that situation, she kept on moving forward without worrying in vain and today she has reached this point, due to which the whole country has bowed down before her personality. In recovering from this accident in her life, she and her. The family took some time but still with the support of her parents and her self-confidence, she continued to move forward.  Since childhood, Dr. Kanchan was very fast in studies. Apart from this, she also took active part in Girl Scouts and Guides, for which she Also participated in the Wo